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Insurance Accepted

Coverage You Can Count On

Here at Encouraging Hope Counseling, we accept many different insurance policies to serve as many clients as possible. Listed below are the policies we are in network with. Copays depend on insurance and coverage type. You can contact your plan provider beforehand to verify coverage and to find out your copay.
We also accept EAP programs through PAS, Mercy, and Optum.







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United Health Care


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Home State Health



Cost of Services: Insurance

Cost of Services

Break-Down of Pricing for Those Without Insurance

We understand that not everyone has insurance or would like to use their insurance due to high deductibles or mental health services not being covered. That is why we have a break-down on how much our sessions cost for those looking for reasonably priced counseling services.

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Individual Sessions

Individual sessions are typically one hour in length and are $90 for one hour session, $75 for 45-minute session, and $50 for 30-minute session. Any amount of time over the one-hour mark will be charged for an additional 30 minutes. Sessions are capped at two hours. Please contact our office before your scheduled appointment if you need additional time. A deposit may be required. Please contact our office for more information.

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Couples Counseling

Couples counseling sessions typically last one hour in length and are $120 per on hour session. Half hour sessions are $90 per session, and 45-minute sessions are $100 per session. Couples counseling sessions are reserved for two (2) individuals who are in a relationship. If there are more than two (2) parties involved, please refer to group/family sessions for pricing.

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Group/Family Counseling

Group/family counseling sessions are sessions that include two (2) or more individuals who are related (within the same household, or are within the same family unit), and typically last one hour in length. Group/family sessions cost $75 per person per one hour session. Half hour sessions are $45 per person, and 45-minute sessions are $55 per person.

Cost of Services: Insurance
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