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Why Start Therapy?

Why start therapy?

Individual therapy can help you understand why you have certain thoughts, actions, or feelings in a way that is unbiased. Everything you share with your therapist is confidential, meaning your therapist cannot share that information.*

Individual therapy also gives you the time and space to develop a deeper understanding of yourself and work on coping skills that can help you handle difficult situations that can come up in the future. Everyone has different reasons for seeking therapy, whether it be depression or anxiety, grief, trauma, substance abuse, anger management, family or relationship issues, etc, everyone deserves the chance to get the help that they need.

What can I expect during a session?

Most individual therapy sessions have a single goal: to help solve a problem. Your therapist may ask you how you feel, what's on your mind, what's been happening in your life, and so on, to gauge where your mind is at and what problem(s) you are facing today. Your therapist can guide the discussion by asking you questions related to the problem, and how you can work towards a solution. After a session is concluded, you may also get "homework" from your therapist which mostly consist of mental health exercises your therapist feels may be beneficial for you.

What kinds of individual therapy does Encouraging Hope Counseling offer?

Currently our counselors offer individualized therapy for couples, teenagers, children and young adolescents. Our counselors are trained in both CBT and DBT type therapy, and can help with a variety of issues from anxiety and depression, to substance abuse and trauma. Our practice currently has one counselor that is specialized in EMDR type therapy (Elizabeth Shine), and our other counselor (Lindsey Pautler) is under going training to become a Certified Child Play Therapist.

How do I schedule an appointment?

All new clients must contact our office to set up an appointment. A new patient portal must be created with us and our new client paperwork must be completed before your first appointment is scheduled. Our office can be reached either by phone or email, (636) 432-1992,

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